Korede Abayomi's Paradon Books Publishing

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...and why writers should avoid it

Korede Abayomi signs copies of his novel Shebang! in what he claims is a bookstore but looks more like a library

Mr Abayomi is also known as Judd Miller (of Indie Writers Support), Richard Egland and Celina Marka (both of ParaDon Books Publishing), Bolade Omo Niaja, Faspoken Ase, Artis Reed and Abby Peace.

How it all began...

Welcome to the bizarre and frequently hilarious saga of ParaDon Books Publishing, a shameless attempt to con naive writers into believing that a one-man operation is a large, well-funded company founded by a newspaper mogul.

My name is Julia D Atkinson and I'm a member of the writers' advocate site AbsoluteWrite.  On 17th November 2011 my fellow-member Gilhoughly, having noticed that ParaDon was "spamming the Net like a case of hives", visited the company's website and quoted some of the gems she found there:

"ParaDon Books Publishing is a privately-owned establishment, with distribution deals that reach all over the globe.

Other companies may offer similar services, but our services are the best, and come with a personal touch.

We have a fine team of qualified editors, and  the best book cover graphic artists in the industry. 

We publish both fictions and non-fictions.

All proposal package should include a query letter, synopsis, bio, the first 50 pages, SASE (self address stamped envelope), and a $25 reading fee, mail to 
ParaDon Books Publishing
P.O.Box 6347
Great Falls, MT 59406

Agent-submitted manuscript are excluded from the reading fee."

It was obvious that the people behind ParaDon didn't speak English as a first language and knew nothing about how commercial publishing works.  NO reputable publisher charges a reading fee and NO reputable agent would steer their clients towards an amateur outfit like ParaDon.


Meet 'Celina Marka', International Woman of Mystery

The only name on the site was that of  'Acquisition Editor' Celina Marka, who offered some advice to potential clients:

"Here's a quick tip for all you writers out there; make sure your story have a good structure, intriguing plot, interesting dialogues, smooth pace, and one unforgettable character. I look forward to reading your submissions."

But Celina wasn't going to read submissions for free.  She also offered her services on fiverr.com:

"I will review your short story for a possible publication with ParaDon Books for $5

Iwill review your short-story for a possible publication with ParaDon Books if your story have the juice to pump up a lot of short story readers. [Ooh...I love it when publishers talk dirty!] ParaDon Books Publishing is unlike any other publishers in the world. Find out how; www.paradonbooks.com We are currently looking for a large volume of short-stories to publish throughout the months of 2012. If you are a serious writer, here's your chance to get publish, and earn royalties for life."

Anthologies of short stories by unknown writers published by an unknown press are unlikely to be bought by anyone other than the contributors and their friends and family, as Celina would have known if she had any experience of real publishing.  So who was Celina Marka and what were her qualifications for working as an acquisitions editor?  Her biography on fiverr.com was, to put it mildly, hard to believe:

"I received my MFA from Stanford University in 2008, and worked as a freelance editor / newspaper columnist prior to my employment with ParaDon Books."

Stanford University?  Unless that august institution's standards have plummeted in recent years I really, really don't think so.  Freelance editing?  Likewise.  And if Celina had worked as a newspaper columnist, even for a small local rag, it seemed odd that a Google search for her name turned up nothing apart from her connection with ParaDon.

                                                                          The only known photo of Celina Marka as it appeared on fiverr.com


The Invisible Newspaper Mogul

Meanwhile, back on ParaDon's website:

"ParaDon Books Publishing is seeking expert bloggers to advertise our new release books to the open general through their social media outlets; blogging, facebook, twitter, youtube, linkedin, etc. We'll pay our blogger a weekly recurring fee, and payrate will depend on how productive the blogger is, as graded by SocialMention.com"

More cluelessness.  Why would a company with world-wide distribution need to do this?  What's an "open general"?  And it gets worse:

"We are a privately-owned establishment with 100s of upcoming authors whose titles will be available for sale. We offer a variety of novels from romance to mystery to urban fiction to your friends, family members and co-workers at a discounted price. Create home-based parties or simply sell out of the trunk of your car; any way you think you can generate sales in this profitable venture."

Ye gods...selling books at Tupperware-style parties?  Selling books out of the trunk of your car?  Unbelievable.  

We accept fictions and non-fictions; horror, sci-fi, adventure, mystery, suspense-thriller, hard-boiled, erotica, romance, regional, poetry-chapbook, fantasy, espionage, urban fiction, chick-lit, western, Africa, Afro-American, short-stories, experimental, young-adult, graphic novel, children-book, memoir, cook-book, how-to, travel, religion, history, and true crimes.

A bona fide new publisher would start out by sticking to one or two genres - ParaDon will accept anything.

Then another AbsoluteWrite  member discovered a surreal press release from ParaDon on the website of the London Writers Society:

"ParaDon Books Publishing, a new publishing industry co-founded by a newspaper mogul, Richard Egland, just announce its opening to writers [...]

Richard and his staff of professionals believes in the free market revolution of book publishing, and are willing to do whatever it takes to top over the seven major publishers of America. [...] 

Richard quoted, saying, “I’m sad over what’s going on with the book industry nowadays. Book stores are closing all over the nation, and less and less people are reading fictions. Personally, I think the major book publishers are to blame for their continuing mistakes of publishing writers with mediocre talents. I know the ins and outs of running a newspaper, and believe me when I say nobody love reading stories more than me.[...] 

"We will be the stepping stone that will correct the flaws of mediocre writing that’s circulating through the book market today, by only putting out writers of quality styles that will seduce and induce every readers minds. From now on, no talented writer will be rejected because there’s only enough room or budget to publish that one other writer. Every talented will have a chance to shine with us, and will. I have a fine team of qualified editors, the best cover graphic artists in the industry, a world-wide distributing channel, great promotion service, and we offer advance payment and high royalty pays to our authors. [...]

In the upcoming months when you buy one of our books, you’ll not only be getting a great story but you’ll also be owning a great piece of art that will look good on your furniture or digital library. 

Once a manuscript pass the reading test and is accepted by us, the material will be quickly edited by one of our professionals and then converted into eBook and audiobook. The title will be made available through ALL of our distributing channels, Kindle, Nook, Kobo, iPad, iPhone, Podcast, etc for a regulatory period of six months, and the rating of how well your eBook and audiobooks sell within this period will determine the Advance payment that will be offer for the Paperback and Hardcover production of your title.

[Evidently ParaDon doesn't understand that advances are paid BEFORE publication and are based on the publisher's estimate of how many copies the book will sell.]

When asked, “Why the reading fee?” Richard Responded, saying, “Because I want every writer submitting their story to us to take their work very seriously and put out their best. I use to run a newspaper print so i know the burden of dealing with unsolicited submissions. I want every writer submitting to us to know that this $25 could be the best investment they’ve ever made.” 

To the surprise of absolutely no-one Richard Egland turned out to be as invisible to Google as Celina Marka, which when you think about it is quite an achievement for a newspaper mogul.  Perhaps Celina wrote for one of Richard's non-existent newspapers.

ParaDon's original website had a Guest Book on which I pointed out that no reputable publishers charged reading fees or had websites riddled with grammatical errors.  My post was deleted within hours, as were other critical comments. 


In Which ParaDon Fights Back and a Writer is Less Than Intelligent

On 18th November, the day after ParaDon made such a splash on AbsoluteWrite, AW's owner MacAllister got mail.

"The following message was sent to you via the Absolute Write Water Cooler Contact Us form by ParaDon Assitant ( mailto:[email protected] ).

Hello there, i'm writing you guys/gals to inform you that some web bandits have taken it upon themselves to tarnish our company by every ways possible. We are asking that you remove this posthttp://www.absolutewrite.com/forums/...d.php?t=230026 from your website or else we'll be force to make our next litigation move against your operating website." 

Fighting words!  MacAllister's reply on the following day:

"What slimy rock did these friggin' idiots climb out from beneath? I responded with my boilerplate for these situations:

----- Original Message -----
From: "Absolute Write" <[email protected]>
To: "ParaDon Assitant @ Absolute Write Water Cooler" <[email protected]>
Sent: Friday, November 18, 2011 12:27:12 PM GMT -07:00 US/Canada Mountain
Subject: Re: Absolute Write Water Cooler Contact Us Form - Site Feedback

Request denied. We never delete posts or threads at the request of a 
third party. As I'm sure you're aware, under the DMCA, individuals are 
responsible for the content of their own posts or comments on blogs, 
message-boards, or list-serves.

Their answer:

"if that's the case then you can expect our cyber attack within the next few days if the feed is not deleted."

This, kiddies? This sort of threat is actually against federal law. And it's really dumb to send it from an unmasked IP, from an email address attached to your own domain.

And I'm off to file a TOS abuse report.
Just sayin'. 

Cyber-attack?!  How old was this ParaDon 'assitant'?

"file your report, our cyber attack means publishing the same defamation about your site as you did us, we already have supporters much like your website willing to post our trends."

So ParaDon had supporters?  Wouldn't it be strange if one of them rushed to the defence of his or her publisher!  No, of course it wouldn't.  Half an hour after ParaDon's cyber-attack threat along came a new poster by the name of IntelligentWriter:

"sorry to burst your bubble you guys, but i know somebody that's already signed to them, and his book is due for release next year... my friend is not a first-time writer either, so i trust there's something he found interesting about this publishing."

You don't have to be Sherlock Holmes to detect a marked similarity between the ESL content of the ParaDon website and press releases, Celina Marka's limpid prose and IntelligentWriter's style.  A poster who remarked on this drew IntelligentWriter's ire:

"please show me your resume mrs. english professor...I'm awaiting the resume of every self-promoting don't-know-nothing people that's bashing this revolutionary publisher. I myself have submitted my story to them, and will be back in the future to 'Promote my published book' in this same forum. I'm still waiting for that resume that proves you know English grammar more than me.   I'll say no more. I guess only the future can tell. All i know is, literary agent don't respond to queries, major publishers don't accept unsolicited manuscripts, writing contests (which i have participated in and paid for few times) don't respond to tell you who won, and self-publishing is frowned upon. That's leave me no choice but to look to the next best thing, and i heard great things about this publisher before this discussion began. Most of the comments i read here are flawed, and self-promoting. I am not who you're conspiring to be. I just don't want you guys to tarnish the reputation of my future publisher. That said, i hope ParaDon Books read this post, and take my submission into great consideration. My name is Preston Browne"

Preston Browne, eh?  Alas, IntelligentWriter's little charade lasted only one hour and forty-two minutes.  Back to MacAllister:

"For those of you playing along at home - IntelligentWriter is indeed posting from exactly the same IP that the person purporting to represent ParaDon was emailing me from, earlier today.

Quelle surprise!"

IntelligentWriter couldn't resist a typically infantile jab at AW member Calla Lily (Alice Loweecey), a commercially published author:

"I just visited your publisher's website. Not attractive at all." 

His parting shot:

"last time i'll be on this site. Next time you hear from me, i'll be post my own book like you guys/gals. You have nothing - no evidence - to back up your claims, and i've proved some of you guys to be a liar. And so i don't work for ParaDon, i just like heated debate. BYE"

Bye, IntelligentWriter!  We'll meet you again later and prove YOU to be a liar.

At this point I wrote under my AW name Alice Shortcake:

"The more I look at ParaDon Books the more I'm reminded of the 419 scammers; they both use the same laughably over-the-top claims, bombastic tone and weird English. I kept expecting intelligentwriter (sic) to inform us that he needs our help to move his 200 million dollar inheritance out of Nigeria. Have the lads from Lagos moved to Montana?"

There's many a true word spoken in jest, as we shall see.

Meanwhile, several people posted on ParaDon's Guest Book to point out that mainstream commercial publishers don't charge reading fees.  This was a typical response:

"To answer your question Fran, we charge a reading fee because we do not want to waste our valuable time on meaningless writings. This is why the major publishers you mentioned don't accept unsolicited manuscripts PERIOD. However, this reading fee is only temporary, for we are looking for those serious writers who believes in themselves and their arts. We also offer a lot more than the publishers you mention, all we ask is that you wait until the beginning of 2012 for our new releases. Thank you."

Eventually the effort of responding to or simply deleting questions like this became too much for ParaDon and the Guest Book was removed.  


Korede Abayomi, Renaissance Lad From Lagos

The company dropped off AW's radar until 12th October 2012, when I had another look at the revamped site and saw that ParaDon was offering some - well, odd services:

"We will promote your book (as a coupon printout with your book cover) at Walgreens, Walmart, Target, Food4Less, Albertson, etc.
We will schedule you for book-signing appearances (if you up to it) on a regular bases.
We will assign you a permanent toll-free number with an extension number, eg. (866) 260-6072 ext 222, so we and your customers can contact you about business matters.
["Your" customers?  Unless authors are self or vanity published they don't have customers.  Selling books is the publisher's job.]
We will issue you your own customizable debit card so you can receive your royalty payments via wire transfers. 
[I would be very unwilling to give ParaDon my bank details, and any royalty payments from these clueless amateurs would be insignificant.]
We will even give you your own customizable email address (YourFirst&LastName)@paradonbookspublishing.com
http://www.paradonbooks.com/Services.html "

More excitingly, we met ParaDon's only published author - Mr Korede Abayomi.  He described himself in a LinkedIn profile as "an author, entrepreneur, veteran, and a book activist".  His first novel, Shebang!, was published through CreateSpace in 2010.  It was followed by The Oracle in 2011, also published through CreateSpace but reissued through ParaDon in 2014.  Abayomi also wrote The 419 Caper, published by ParaDon in 2012, under the name Artis Reed.  

As I wrote on AbsoluteWrite:

"An entrepreneur, eh? Something tells me that although Mr Abayomi supposedly lives in California and ParaDon is based in Montana, he is in fact ParaDon's owner. I may be mistaken, but his bombastic ESL writing style is identical to that of whoever wrote the copy on ParaDon's website (http://www.paradonbooks.com/Hardboiled.html)

His skills included "online publishing, editing, proofreading and copy editing".

He also claimed to be a graduate of Stanford University, just like the elusive Celina Marka.  However, he went one better than Celina by being a member of the 'Stanford University Honor Society'.  In fact he was born in Lagos, moved to the USA at the age of fifteen and didn't attend Stanford University.  He lives in Great Falls, Montana.

Brace yourself for the sole Amazon review of his novel Shebang!

"5.0 out of 5 stars The Best Ever, October 5, 2010
By Knowledge - See all my reviews
This review is from: Shebang! (Paperback)
This is the best hard-boiled novel ever written, and the world will soon notice. The characters are so hard and real that you'll feel like you are living their lives, and the settings are so vividly written that you'll feel like you're in New York City for real. The world need to remember this author's name, because he'll soon take over the literary world.
Thank you for coming with such a book. The best book of the 20th century." 

It's the only Amazon review by 'Knowledge', who I'm sure is an IntelligentWriter - but not intelligent enough to have noticed that we're living in the 21st century.

Returning to the ParaDon website, I was amused to learn that a photograph of ParaDon's happy staff was in fact a stock photo of 'Large Group of Business People Standing and Looking up at Camera'.  The first version of the site had used a photo of what looked like the showroom of a car dealership to represent the company's HQ in Great Falls, Montana.


Another new service offered by ParaDon was 'spun articles':

"Submit your article to 1800+ article submission websites
Do you have an important article that you want the world to read about online? We will spin your article to 400 websites, and then submit the spun articles to additional 1200 article submission directories. This strategy can helped many websites rank as top 10 instantly after the 1-2 weeks! We will give you full list of directory URLs, and a report of the successfully submitted articles. 
This service is provided free to all writers who choose to publish with us."

I'd never heard of spun articles but AW member JulieB explained the term to me:

" "Spinning" is the process of taking an article and rewriting it. The "spun" article is then posted to as many content farms as possible. In theory, Google won't notice this and your article will show up lots and lots of times. It's important, right? So it must get a high rank!

Unfortunately, most "spinning" is done by software that replaces a few words with synonyms. Hilarity may ensue."

Hilarity did indeed ensue.  This is what happened when ParaDon spun one of their own articles:

"Paradon Guides Publishing Have Authorized The Actual E-Book Privileges In Order To Shebang! And Also The Oracle
Posted on April 2, 2012 by morningseven
Brought up in the slums associated with Lagos, to be able to Ca, New-York, as well as other difficult edges on the planet, Creator KoredeAbayomi outshines just about all requirement simply by getting one of the most obvious writer of contemporary misinformation, very first along with his gritty road story, ‘Shebang!’ after which his / her sincere sad crisis; ‘The Oracle.’

His / her 3rd guide, ‘The Myspace Muggers’ is placed regarding discharge inside Next year, in the association this individual agreed upon withParaDon Guides Posting, a significant organization who’s saying being the subsequent Key Writer in the united states.ParaDon Publications Posting exposed inside the past due Next year, and possess documented authorized several noteworthy creators, such as the e-Book privileges in order to Shebang! and also the Oracle. They may be at present pushing an important introducing of the items could possibly be the following vintage misinformation from the modern day, ‘The Fb Robbers.’

Writer KoredeAbayomi is really a war-time leading man, as well as school informed. He offered like a bring about police officer in america Military prior to the notion of composing their initial book ‘Shebang!’ stumbled on thoughts. Their mom, Main FAMA, can be just about the most notarized creators regarding Photography equipment subject matter.

Discover more regarding Koredeand their best-selling e-book the following, http://artisreed.wetpaint.com/hub/Artis-Reed

In the information published by way of tweets, Writer KoredeAbayomi introduced he offers agreed upon their severely praise books in order to ParaDon Guides Posting, thus getting one of many company’s starting authors.

Clear as mud!  Although I have to agree that Abayomi is "one of the most obvious writer of contemporary misinformation".  And if you're wondering about the "photography equipment" bit, Abayomi's mother Chief Fama has self-published a few books about the Nigerian religion Ifa.

*waits for the penny to drop*


On the 14th December 2012 I wrote on AbsoluteWrite:

"I've been wondering if ParaDon's coyness regarding their exact location, other than somewhere on an industrial estate in Great Falls, Montana, is due to the fact the company has no physical existence and its P.O. Box number is nothing more than a mail drop. Yesterday I contacted the Great Falls official website (http://www.greatfallsmt.net) and asked if there really is such a business in the city. After all, ParaDon claims to have three locations and 75 employees - surely a local business of this size must be licenced or registered? Here's the reply I received this morning from Carol Hollern of the Planning and Community Development Department:

I have researched the City of Great Falls data base and do NOT find a business by the name of ParaDon Books Publishing ever holding a City of Great Falls License.

I also e-mailed Korede Abayomi, who denied being the ower of ParaDon and added for good measure that 

"Your research is none of my concern."

So it must be pure coincidence that ParaDon's website is designed by www.webdvloper.com, a company of which Mr Abayomi is a part-owner and whose website features some familiar verbal tics:

"We work on a first come first serve bases

Later that day references to webdvloper.com were removed from ParaDon's website.

On 16th December I noticed that ParaDon had spawned another dubious company - the Amazon Book Clubs.  Not only were Amazon's name and logo all over the site, but a video - also posted on YouTube - claimed that "This website is created to globalize and unite all book lovers known to Amazon.com..."  No prizes for guessing that both the website and the video were created by webdvloper.com.  ABC made no secret of the fact that they were hardcore spammers:

"Since our official opening on October 27, 2012 we have emailedover one million club members known to us, asking them to register their associated club with us.

On 19th December 2012 I had an early Christmas present!  As I wrote on AbsoluteWrite:

"Aspiring writers, don't send your manuscripts to ParaDon Books Publishing, P.O.Box 6347, Great Falls, Montana 59406...

...because there's nothing there. I've just had this fascinating reply from the Montana Office of Consumer Protection:

Although my resources are very limited, I was able to obtain some general information from the post office in Great Falls. The PO box listed for ParaDon is currently closed, as of last month. Whoever opened the box provided a physical address, which appears to be a hotel. My suspicion is that the mail may have been forwarded to a different address and the person who physically went in to set up the box was only in Great Falls long enough to open it. Also, I called the number listed for the business and received a message stating the Ring Central number is not yet in service. The phone number is being generated through the internet (Voice over Internet Protocol- aka. VoIP). The calls could be coming and going from anywhere in the world, which is a typical tactic of scammers. My impression is that the business has probably changed their information and could pop up with an address in another location at some point. This commonly happens when the scammers realize that people are becoming suspicious or they are being confronted by people who know it’s a scam.

At this time, I recommend you contact the Federal Trade Commission, if you have not done so already. They can be reached at 877-382-4357 or via their website at www.ftc.gov"


On 22nd December I stumbled across another little gem from Abayomi, and since it was posted in January 2011 it even pre-dates ParaDon.  The exciting business opportunity you're about to discover involves the CreateSpace edition of Shebang!: 

"Autogrphed copy of Shebang!

by Korede Abayomi

Hello. I am the author of Shebang! 
You have to check this book out. It's everything you need to know about the modern world. As of last week, Shebang! was auctioned tobe made into a movie by the True Fiction filmz, LLC. But in order for the for the production to move ahead, the producer (darren VanCleave) need Shebang! to generate at least another 100,000 fans in a period of the next six months, that way he will be comfortable enough to start with the pre-production (site-screening and film-directing) out of his own pocket.
Faced with this dilemna, i came about a brilliant idea on how to increase sales of the book, by autographing all the remaining first-edition copies of Shebang!, and paying out the readers (you) a rate of $3.00 everytime you refer somebody else to get their own autographed copy of Shebang!, BEFORE IT'S MADE INTO A MOVIE. 

Imagine holding a great piece of work in your hand, one that came directly from the creator's hand (signature). To get a copy, or simply read through the sample chapters, go to this personalized page; http://wix.com/koredeabayomi/koredeabayomi
Find out how you can get $3.00 every time you buy or sell a copy of Shebang!. To become an affiliate apply here;http://www.trafficwave.net/lcp/kored.../MatrixBusters

I hope to you hear from you. Take care.

- Korede Abayomi

This appears to be a pyramid scheme involving copies of the first edition of a book that, being POD (Print on Demand), didn't have a first edition...and Shebang!'s lack of a ranking on Amazon indicates that not a single copy was sold through that retailer.

Sadly, nothing came of this brilliant idea and Darren Van Cleave had to live with the disappointment of not having Shebang! on his CV. Personally I think Mr Abayomi made a big mistake by not offering Shebang! directly to Quentin Tarantino. 


On 21st March 2013 DMcCunney posted on AbsoluteWrite:

"Amazon Book Clubs", in the person of "Celina M." just popped up on LinkedIn. They claim they've reached the magic number of 1,000,000 readers/viewers, and are offering services the exact nature of which aren't mentioned. But they claim they have such a volume of folks signing up that they want you to pay a "refundable" $20 fee to schedule an appointment to discuss hiring them to perform these unspecified services."


At about this time a remarkable photo appeared on the Amazon Book Clubs website.  Two years later it's still being used to mislead potential customers:

Impressive, isn't it?  This is how ParaDon described their Great Falls premises in that first press release:

"Located in the Big Sky area of Montana, this company’s infrastructure is surrounded by two stretched blocks of industrial installations, and the main office edifice."

Could the Montana Office of Consumer Protection have overlooked a building with an imposing glass facade bearing ParaDon's name?  Is this the main office edifice?

In a word, no.  For the low, low price of $1.99 glottisdesign.com will photoshop the name of your choice into this stock photo:


More waffle from Celina Marka, a woman we can safely assume is Korede Abayomi in a dress and high heels:

"Because of our growing affiliation with book store owners and online reviewers, we have extend our services to include Book-Signing Events; meaning that we can now schedule writers for a one-on-one appearance with their local fans / buyers at their nearest bookstores and libraries. Leave it to us to handle all the advertisement online (AmazonLocal, Groupon, Uniiverse, Craiglist etc) as well as offline (Hastings, Barnes&Noble, Powell's etc). The cost for this service is $350, and the writer must grant us the permission to promote and market the proposed AUTOGRAPHED copy of their book title. We will fulfill orders, sort out customers by their residencies, and have the writer (YOU) sign the books either at the Book-Signing event or at your own pace.

We work on a First Come First Serve Bases. 
Your book title(s) will also be announce throughout all of our social media networks, featured on this website, introduced to hundreds of book clubs, book reviewers, book store owners, literary agents, editors, publishers, expert bloggers, and permanently added to our book categories. 

We have integrated Supermarket Advertising Solutions to our services. Advertise where it counts. Do you want your book in front of 400,000+ viewers? Do you want your book cover to be advertise throughout the United States major supermarkets like ALBERTSONS, FOOD-4-LESS, KMART, RANCHO SAN MIGUEL AIRPORT, SHOP-RITE, ACME MARKET, etc? 
THIS IS NOT A JOKE. We will design color coupons that will be printed directly on the back of the register receipt paper running in the supermarket cash registers that we choose is the closest to your location. The coupon, which will handed to payed consumers in the supermarket, will include your book title(s) and your upcoming book-signing events closest to the area, thereby putting you directly into the hands of your potential customers.
We will print 100,000 coupons per month for each title, for a total duration of six months; that's less than $10 per one thousand exposures. Engage interesting readers, and let them brag about you before buying your book.

[I certainly wouldn't want to have boring readers bragging about me.] 

We will also include all of our other services with this order. meaning that we will schedule for a book-signing, draw readers to you, get you featured everywhere, and make you a best-selling writer, for a total of $4,500.
http://www.amazonbookclubs.com/ "

Still working on a First Come First Serve Bases, I see. And thank goodness they made it clear that the inspired 'your book on the back of a supermarket receipt' scheme IS NOT A JOKE. Please, please tell me that no writers were stupid or desperate enough to pay Abayomi $4,500 for these worthless services.

On 12th June 2013 I received an email from Faspoken Ase:

"750 Book Buyers and Sellers

RIBBON (https://www.ribbon.co/b76e22)

Authors! Pay attention! We've come up with solution to your promotional needs. Indie Writers, we love your books and want to see them everywhere. We have come up with a list of over 748 book buyers (people who love books like you and buys them directly from publishers and book warehouses all around the United States).

If you are a writer who want to increase your readership we highly recommend that you contact the people in this list. They are waiting to learn about your published book. You may be the perfect gem they are looking for to increase their monthly quota. [Monthly quota of what?]

At Indie Writers Support our mission is to support every writer, and always bring new materials for people to read/learn. 
Included in this list of 748 people are Book Store Owners, Book Vendors, Major & Minor Book Outlets, Independent Book Sellers, Used Book Sellers, Book Club Managers, Book Publicists, Book readers/reviewers/bloggers, Learning Center Managers, University Book Stores, etc. You will get their contact names, phone/fax numbers, locations, and emails. All neatly arranged in Microsoft Excel file. 

Your wait is over. 
Give your book the notoriety that it deserves. [Notoriety: I do not believe that word means what you think it means.] If you pitch to all of the members in this list, chances are one of them will store your published book(s) on their book shelves for customers to browse. [Yet more proof that these idiots have no idea how books get into bookstores.  Hint: it's not because authors send out a ton of spam.]
If you are a book store owner and would like to be added to this list or would like to be announce to our networks, leave us a message here.
Get the list at this website; RIBBON (https://www.ribbon.co/b76e22)
This list will be updated monthly. 

Check out a full list our very cheap Products and Services here:

Yes, the ParaDon hydra had grown another head.  Indie Writers Support, like Amazon Book Clubs, was probably created when the names of Abayomi and ParaDon Books attracted too much negative attention.  The as yet nameless IndieWriterSupport Administrator was male and supposedly based in San Bernardino, California, the home of Korede Abayomi's mother and step-father. He also created IWP's website, which is full of strangely familiar phrases:

"Get a taste of good readings. Read the most interesting story-lines in the world. 
First Come First Serve Bases."

The outlandish claims are back again:

"We are preparing to launch a major PR news release through premium news outlets 
such as USA Today, NY Times, Washington Post, Wall street and more through the Associated 
Press in the year of 2013, so we urge you to take advantage of these publicity...

Want to add yourself and your book title to the list on this website?
It will only cost you $100 to be permanently added to our list on this website
and many others, mentioned on our daily newsletter of 500,000+ email subscribers, and announced
throughout all of our social media networks and blog sites.
First Come First Serve Bases.

For this $100, we will introduce your book to hundreds of book clubs,
book reviewers, book store owners, literary agents, editors, publishers, expert bloggers, and
get you featured throughout all of our affiliated websites and social media networks.
We will do a major news release of your book(s), and guarantee you at least 500,000 viewers.
It's a win, win. You book is guaranteed to sell, and will be featured as 'Book-of-the-Day'
on this page and the many other websites that we sponsor.

Some of our promoted authors get as much as six or seven published reviews a day
on amazon.com if the story-line is very interesting.
http://www.indiewritersupport.com/ "

Korede Abayomi was one of 'our up and coming Writers', and his book The Oracle was a Staff Pick.

Since Faspoken Ase's Google Plus page links him to Amazon Book Clubs and Sohma Somadhi, Mr Abayomi's step-father - and he has no other internet presence - I think it's reasonable to assume that no-one has ever seen Messrs Ase and Abayomi in the same room at the same time...

Oh, and that e-mail was also sent to top agents including Ethan Ellenberg, Andrea Brown, Donald Maass and Gloria Loomis, who I'm sure like a good laugh as much as the next person.

When I visited Indie Writers Support on 18th October 2013 the company appeared to be flourishing.  Indie Writers Support Administrator Judd Miller was quite obviously Korede Abayomi:

"My name is Judd Miller, and I am one the top networking Public Relation agents in the world. I have utilized my skills for PayPal, Amazon, Salesforce, St. Martin Press, Harlequin, Simon & Schuster, and many other small press publishers by advertising their books / eBooks to the masses.

I am also one of the developers of over 520 different websites through my marketing website WebDvloper.com, including my latest here, Indie Writers Support, a writer's website. I specialize in website developments and promotions, and I would love to be the promoter of your book(s) / publishing press.

Give your book the notoriety that it deserves...

Online articles pertaining to you and your books written by our staff members will start appearing on the search engines (google, bing, yahoo etc) approximately two to three months after your initial promotion.  [Will they be the hilarious 'spun' articles quoted earlier?]

Hire us, and we will guarantee that your published work is viewed by at least 500,000 views within a year! [Nothing sells books like being viewed by a view.]

I work on a first come first serve only. [So we've gathered.]

Judd/Korede could also be found on Elance:

"My name is Judd Miller, and I am one of the top-leading net-workers' in the world. I have utilized my skills for Paypal, Amazon, Salesforce, etc, and I am one of the five owners of WebDvlopers.com. I am an internet marketer, and one of the top earning Affiliates in the world. Even though my money-making skills are only known to a few, I have decided to go against my past believe and sell out this knowledge with the software, and will even go to work for you. For $250 extra, I will send you my Email Software, 100,000+ marketing email list, a 10-page instructional manual on how to become a self sufficient internet millionaire, and I will even do a one-on-one tutorial with you via telephone and a desktop virtual training.

From the portfolio page: 

"Here's a screen shot of how I send thousands of emails a day to my customers' lists."

Yes, it's a screen shot in which dozens of e-mail addresses are clearly visible. I'm touched by his concern for the privacy and security of others. 


Fury and Fellatio

...or, what happened when Judd Miller gatecrashed the invitation-only Yahoo group GANGSTEROLOGISTS in May 2013.  It wasn't pretty.  Marvel at the professionalism of the man who wants to publish your book!



My name is Judd Miller and I am one the top net-workers in the world. I have utilized my skills for Paypal, Amazon, Salesforce, St. Martin Press, Harlequin, Simon & Schuster, and many other small press publishers by advertising their books / eBooks to the masses. I am also one of the five owners of http://www.webdvloper.com [who are the other four?  I suspect that webdvloper is also a one-man operation.] I specialize in website development and promotions, and I would love to be the promoter of your books / publishing press. Order my promotional service for one hundred dollars FLAT. To learn more about the benefits comes with hiring me go to -> https://www.ribbon.co/c20a47

Tell me about your books and I will be more than happy to provide you samples so you can understand how my book promotions work.

Want to contact me via your cellphone? Text Juddmiller to 244326 and I will text you back within 24 hours.

Thank you. I look forward to hearing back from you.

Wolfman Jack

We care, why? Stop spamming dude!


Judd, first you have to buy everybody's book and read it. I'll give you $100 if you do that. Just send us a photo of yourself surrounded by those books. 


Eat a dick bitch


Go to https://www.ribbon.co/c20a47 or go to sleep.

Rick W

Wow.  That's not very nice for a self-proclaimed internet millionaire who wants to get other people's business.

By the way, I went to that site you mentioned at http://www.webdvloper.com./and this is what I got:
Bad Request - Invalid Hostname

Speaks for itself.


Wrong address dummy. Try it again, http://www.webdvloper.com/


Judd, this might be the wrong group to insult. Just sayin'.


What are you going to do? Please explain. You think i'll keep quiet while you insult me?


Judd, I didn't insult you, although I love being told to "eat dick, bitch." I certainly always respond to that kind of sweet talk. 

This is a private group, and it is by invitation only. Your shotgun approach to solicitation is not only ineffective, it's not appropriate because you weren't invited. I don't know what our group leader thinks about this, but I'm pretty sure it didn't please quite a few of us. I know times are hard and that anything one can do to solicit business seems fair, but I'm sorry to say you're out of line. That's just my opinion, and I'll stand by it. 

Rick W
That was the link you provided dork.  Consider yourself uninvited from our forum and don't let the door hit you on the way out...on second thought let it hit you.  Anyone who comes on a forum acting the way you do deserves all the slammed doors they can get. 

Shut up

Elegantly put, Judd. There's nothing like a publicist who knows how to smith the words. Rick, should I notify the DiVincenzo brothers? I've got this lad's address . . .

Rick W
This guy comes on our board and insults us.  He shows no respect.  Time to call up the boyz

OK. Judd, if you're still tuned in here, you're about to get paid a visit by the gangsterologist public relations team; they'd like to discuss "eating dicks" with you. The big one with no neck is Anthony; the shorter one is Vincenzo. They never carry guns; they don't need them. Please be just as polite to them as you've been to us. 

Im not a faq and they're not sucking my dick. sorry

It's been interesting following the snappy repartee on the site this afternoon.

Wolfman Jack
I must have hit a nerve! Did I upset you? That breaks my f`ing heart. You have now moved DOWN one notch from spammer to SCAMMER! Get lost!

Rick W
This has certainly been one of the more interesting conversations we've had for a while (if we can call it a "conversation").  Feels more like a visit from Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, but less funny.

Ha ha ha dummies. 

Wolfman Jack
Hey Jeff, I see this idiot is still lurking about. Anyway to block him out of here? He's starting to get annoying, lol.

Will, Judd is a 33 year-old African American from Great Falls, Montana. He studied computer science at California State, graduating in 2002. I just spoke to one of his professors who said he was "nice looking, very bright, but with a rather projective ego." I also spoke to one of his former classmates who said he was extremely intolerant of gay people. He works for Elance and appears to be extremely ambitious. My contact at St. Martin's Press said he seemed "polite," although he certainly went to Defcon 4 with us in a hurry; his sense of humor is somewhat lacking to say the least. No federal beefs or listings, and I haven't checked local or college law enforcement records.
Judd, if you're catching this, relax kid. We are a closed, diverse group with a common interest. I personally was offended by your use of language and your intolerant remark, and I address things like that with humor rather than vitriol. I have some great advice for you: you need all the friends you can get in your business. Word of mouth can be devastating, so please chill and move on. Good luck, God bless you, and lower your thermostat because you're running awfully hot. 

Never personally saw a professional take this recruiting approach. Of course, I've only been kicking around the biz for 36 years. Live and learn.



A Chat With Celina Marka

Things went quiet until the summer of 2015 and might have remained that way had Abayomi not decided to embark on another spamming spree to relaunch ParaDon Books.  The new press release was a slightly more literate version of the old one, with non-existent newspaper mogul Richard Egland still pontificating about the sorry state of the publishing industry.  There were a couple of additions:

"Based on the amount of money reportedly invested into the company, ParaDon Books could be that next publishing giant that will rescue the book industry from its downfall, by publishing talented writers and distributing their works throughout a network that may reach majority of the book lovers in the world...

Every writer are urge to submit their work for consideration.  All proposal package should include a query letter, synopsis, bio and the first 50 pages.  All manuscript must be typed, well formatted, have a good story/subject line, edited, and be at least 200 pages long (except for children book, poetry chap-books, and graphic novels).  [So manuscripts have to be edited before submission.  What happened to ParaDon's 'fine team of qualified editors'?  And real publishers need to know the length of a manuscript in words, not pages.]

When asked if ParaDon Books charge reading or publishing fee, the publisher declined, and stated that ParaDon Books do not charge fees of any kind except for payroll taxes.  [I have no idea what this is supposed to mean.]

All enquiries ONLY are to be forwarded to Celina [email protected]


The new press release included the fake photo of ParaDon's HQ, and a Manta profile bolstered the illusion of the company being a potential publishing giant:

"About ParaDon Books Publishing

ParaDon Books Publishing is a privately-owned B2B/B2C company. Visit www.paradonbooks.com for more info.

Welcome to the most exciting website in the world, (and welcome to the future of publishing) where you can WATCH, LISTEN, CHAT, SHOP, SHARE, READ, PUBLISH, DOWNLOAD, ADVERTISE AND EXPLORE all on the same page. 
We specialize in Book Publishing, e-Book Publishing, Audiobook publishing, Book Marketing, Social Network Marketing, Video Marketing, Business Consulting, and advertisements.

Business Information

Annual Revenue Estimate - $20 to 50 million

Employees - 50 to 99


ParaDon is apparently open for business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week except for Sunday.  Bizarrely, the company claims to be a member of Indie Writers Support, Pen Center America, Writers Guild of America and the African American Literature Book Club (a claim to belong the Mystery Writers of America was removed at the MWA's request).

At about this time Celina Marka casually dropped the following bombshell in a LinkedIn article:

"Self- marketing is no longer shameful practice, and Author J.R.R. Tolkien had proven it since way back in the early-mid 1900s when he self-published and marketed what are now his world renowned books.

I had no idea that Tolkien owned George Allen and Unwin!

Sceptical Gandalf is sceptical.

In late August 2015 I was the lucky recipient of three identical spam emails from Celina Marka:

" Welcome to the Future of Publishing.
Thank you for considering publishing your next book with us. You are among the very first 500 writers that showed interest, and we are delighted to have you aboard.

ParaDon Books Publishing is currently accepting submissions for considerations. Your manuscript, along with the query letter, bio and synopsis, must be at 150 pages long, double spaced, edited, and completed. The proposal package must be a word document attachment only. Any other kind of file format will be discarded without opening. You can submit your proposal package directly to my subordinates at[email protected]. We will immediately start scouting through them.

Impress us, tell us the most intriguing about you, and your novel. Make it is short and concise, and make sure it includes your professional achievements and published books. This introduction of you and your writing would be the very first thing that we will observe from your proposal, so it is very important that you write with your own voice. 

We reserve the right to reject any proposal that we feel is unfit, but are always open to re-submissions. 

"Here are some quick tips for all you writers out there; make sure that your story is well edited, with intriguing plot, interesting dialogues, smooth pace, and one unforgettable character." 

Our official website will launch on November 15, and hopefully along with your eBook(s). Go here to get a short summary of who we are; http://www.manta.com/c/mx7zvlt/paradon-books-publishing.

For authors who are self-published, and looking to convert their previously published ebook title(s) with us, you may write our Contracting Editor at [email protected].

Royalty deals and the possibility of an advance payment will only be discussed with the exceptional writers that we like, and our contract offering may vary with each author. We are looking to publish best-sellers, and will give eevry fitting writers the chance.  

Our job as your publisher is to a lot of your books so nthat we can both profit. 
We look forward to forming a prosperous future with you
You may call our automated number and leave us a voice message at 888-623-3129. We will only respond to the ones that we deem necessary.

Don't forget to spread the news and forward this email to your writer friends. You have our permission."

I have Celina's permission!  Isn't that adorable?  Thanks, Korede!  I couldn't resist asking Celina a few questions about the new press release.  This exchange of emails took place in the first week of September 2015


With which newspapers was Richard Egland associated?
What is Paradon's street address, and why are you using a fake photo to represent the facade of the building?

If this is your life mission, I'll leave you to it.
As far as I'm concern you are a nobody and don't deserve my respond.

If you're going to take the trouble to respond, Celina (or do I mean Korede?), you could at least learn to write in correct English.

I have thousands of followers that'd put you to shame. You have no claim, and I'm sure this is not arabic.
Please continue your paranoia. It's kind of interesting..

Of course you have claims. You claim - amongst other things - that ParaDon was founded by a newspaper mogul called Richard Egland. If he exists you should be able to provide me with evidence. You claim that ParaDon has a large building in Great Falls, complete with a highly-qualified staff. If this is the case you should be able to give me the street address and verifiable names of these editors, illustrators etc.

And as for your claim that J R R Tolkien self-published and marketed his 'world-renowned books'...do you really not know how ridiculous that makes you sound to any literate person?

Paranoia? I don't think so. I simply hate to see naieve and desperate would-be writers taken for a ride by con artists, and I'm not the only person looking into ParaDon and its offshoots. 

And who are you again?
Please remind me...
What is your credential? Have you done for the writing world? but speculate...
I hope this investigative whatever you're doing won't end your career.
Want a better job? Why don't you go look into amazon and all of its staffs, you should have fun dismantling them..lol

I'm having trouble understanding your appalling English, but you seem to be asking me what my credentials are. Since when do you need credentials to investigate the obvious nonsense spewed by ParaDon and its offshoots?

Yes, I'm a published author. I was formerly a theatre critic for the British Theatre Guide and I have an article in the current issue of the Journal of the Oscar Wilde Society.

You haven't answered any of my questions so I'll try again:

Who exactly is Richard Egland?
What is ParaDon's street address in Great Falls?
Why are you using a fake photo to represent ParaDon's headquarters?
Do you honestly believe that J R R Tolkien self-published and marketed his books?

Please be aware that from now on any emails from you will be published on AbsoluteWrite. You know - the site you threatened with a cyber-attack when it revealed your $25 reading fee scam in 2011. 

you are not qualify to associate with me in any way, and we don't deal with your kind of propagandas.
Have a good life, and good luck with your career."

So - you can't answer four simple questions?"

I never heard back from her.


A Not-So-New Face at ParaDon

Meanwhile, a Google search turned up what at first glance appeared to be a ParaDon representative who wasn't Korede Abayomi - a Mr Bolade Omo Niaja.  Then I noticed the URL of his (now deleted) Facebook:  https://m.facebook.com/korede.abayomi?_rdr

Evidently he wasn't such a new face after all.  Niaja/Abayomi was the administrator of Readers Books, yet another ParaDon spinoff: http://www.readersbooks.info/

On September 6th he posted the following on FaceBook:

"Okay, so I lost the lawsuit battle against the Amazon.com Technology Inc... No big deal. It was a good fight.www.amazonbookclubs.org will be disable on September 10th, but the network will remain through a different name. It costed Amazon $10,000 lawyers fee for this battle and me, none.

Curiously, Abayomi had made a similar comment about ABC back in 2012:

"Amazon Book Clubs is now no longer associated with Amazon.com; public news. Amazon feared our reach and the forthcoming future of our company. Now they have withheld our funds from 100+ authors for 180 days. WTF. Good new is that Paypal have accepted our service.
have to say my business took an heavy blow on this one.

Amazon Book Clubs still exists on Facebook.  When I visited on 7th September 2015 I was confronted by a large photo of a woman having sex with a horse. Mercifully it was removed within hours - it's good to know that Abayomi has some standards.


On the same day I was spammed yet again by Celina Marka:

"We have signed a distribution deal with Vearsa, a global distribution company with over 1,000 retail channels and 65,000 libraries. What this mean is that, instead of your eBook being available only through Amazon, Nook, Apple, Kobo, etc, your eBook would also be available worldwide, in all of the manufactured eReaders, and the 252 eBook channels listed here http://bit.ly/1KLW8XH.
If you are self-published author, and wish to make your eBooks available to these channels, you may contact our Contracting Editor at[email protected] and tell him about your published novel. You would have to sign the full right of your eBook title to ParaDon Books Publishing in order for us to publish you through-out these channels.

Right now, ParaDon Books Publishing is offering a 50% Royalty to every self-published authors who wish to be listed under ParaDon Books. We are looking to publish over 200 eBooks titles by the end of this month, and they would be made available through Vearsa and their distributing channels. [Whoa! WHOA, NELLIE!! 200 titles by the end of the month?  Real publishers don't churn out titles at this rate.  Author mills, who will publish anything, do.]
Act now if you want to increase your writer's income a tenfold with our team. [I don't suppose ParaDon can provide evidence for this claim?]

Every ParaDon Books authors would instantly receive their very own customized email address (example,[email protected]); their own toll-line (example, 888-853- x10); their own bank card; 500 business cards; full services of Indie Writers Support; and websites like these,ww.bit.ly/1QFEtJT, www.bit.ly/1NRUBBa, www.bit.ly/1H1ZERCetc.. 

If you are a novice writer, or just want to publish your new novel with us, you may submit the complete proposal [email protected]
Read our publishing guidelines athttps://lnkd.in/ewAqkJi,http://bit.ly/1In2wmi &eepurl.com/bxywin.

Paul and I would personally responding to every question and book proposals sent to us this week.

PaulJ is no doubt Korede Abayomi in a wig and false nose.

Sadly, ParaDon really has signed a deal with Vearsa - who should have done their homework before letting these bungling amateurs drag their good name in the mud.


Spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam (bloody Vikings)

In mid-September Niaja/Abayomi boasted on Facebook about his compulsive spamming:

"Bear witness to the magic I do everyday.
Right now you can see that one of the twitter pages that I'm managing (@ParaDonBooks) is at 12,000 followers right now. Watch. In 3 months the list would be at 50,000 followers, if not 100,000+. All real, and very influential people (mostly writers and readers) following me, no bots. If you follow this twitter page, you would see @ParaDonBooks interacting with all of its folowers, tweeting and re-tweeting. BUT IT WON'T BE ME DOING ANY OF THIS.
All of functions would be done with automation. NO MONEY SPENT & NO WASTED TIME.
This means all of the following and following back, tweeting and re-tweeting would be done automatically, with the source code that I have programmed. Real live interactions with humans, from my intellectual program.
These computer algorithms have there own mind. The future is endless...

One of my best friends just invested $2000 in my new start-up. This time next year, our goal is to each own a mansion.....
What's your goal?
https://m.facebook.com/korede.abayomi?fref=nf "


I'll say this for Abayomi, he's not lacking in ambition or self-esteem.  Here he is in his Judd Miller persona reviewing his own book The Oracle:

"The Oracle' is the second published book by Korede Abayomi. This novel is a combination of a very well-written short story, followed by the insightful poems from the artist's moods and grooves) that drove the moments within the story....Included in this masterpiece are 105 original poems, compressed into an 82 page wordplay that reads more like Shakespeare's writing - only in the modern tongue. We find this author's writing fascinating, and we think you will as well.


On 29th September Judd Miller published an article on IWS entitled Create your own Crowd-Pleasing Book-tour Events:

"In today's lesson, I am going to show you how you can effectively create your own book-signing event, effortlessly. This process will take you less than an hour, and the result may attract hundreds, and maybe thousands of visitors to your book-signing events."

Thousands? Really? You'd better warn your local police force in advance - they don't take kindly to huge crowds thronging the streets.

"The very first step to creating a successful book-signing eventis to acquire a good position (book shop) for the gathering... try to get the book-store owner's permission (given that you don't a book-rep that will do this for you) to include their location in an article that you are submitting to the local newspaper concerning a book-signing event. Give he or she your professional credential, and a brief summary of what your book is about. Any free broadcast of a local business is always good to a local business owner, so the chance that the book-store owner will say no to your newspaper-exposure-proposal is slim. Promise the book-store owner that you will attract at least 100 book buyers of your own to the event, and that you will provide the paperback books that you will be signing & selling that day. Instead of paying cash to the book-store owner for using their location, pay he or she with your books, perhaps 50 to 100 autographed copies that they could sell for their own profit them after your book-signing."

Many IWS members appear to be self/vanity published. They'll be struggling to sell 100 copies of their books to people they know personally, and I doubt if the bookstore owner will be thrilled at the prospect of being paid in autographed copies of books by unknown writers. And of course, these writers have already had to pay for the books they provided for the signing.

"Chances are, if you can attract more than 100 people to that initial book-signing, the remaining autographed books will sell.http://indiewritersupport.com/profil...VfSE8.facebook"

Chances are that nowhere near a hundred people will turn up and the hapless writer will have to slog home with a load of unsold books.

Meanwhile, over at ParaDon's Facebook, Celina Marka also has some helpful hints on how to sell self-published books. This is from the same article in which she claimed that J R R Tolkien self-published:

"Many self-published writers have to find ways to market themselves nowadays if they still want to remain in the game, and not die of hungry."

Well, no-one wants to die of hungry. Writers can avoid this awful fate by...selling their books on eBay and other auction sites.

"Book auctioning websites attract millions of debit card and credit card owners every hour, and most of them are looking for valuable items to buy / own. EBay is the largest auctioning website in the world right now, and its service is not restricted to authors who were willing to market their own autographed books to buyers."

Just for once I'm in full agreement with Celina. Books are indeed not the only things sold on eBay.

"Auctioning off your published books online is fairly easy to do, and may require that you (the author) have many copies of your own books handy and ready to ship out to buyers. Any published author may order copies of their own books directly from their published at a fairly cheap price, of at least 50% off. These self-marketing authors may then market their own books at the local venues and invites, thereby doubling their earnings on every book, and gaining experiences with their readers who may thereby become permanent fans."

*scratches head*

You buy a copy of your book from your publisher - the publisher you've already paid to print the book - at a 50% discount, then re-sell it to double your earnings.  In what strange alternate universe does this make economic sense?

"Before I give you the free websites that may increase your daily book sales, I want to give you one last advice pertaining to the pricing of your book at the websites. For instance (and for safe practice), if your book's original price is $21.00, and you can get a copy from your publisher for only $6.00, then it will wise if you start your bidding for the sale of the book (autographed or not) between $15 to $20, this way, you will attract more buyers, your effort will still be profitable, and you'll receive instant incomes (mostly through PayPal). The final bidding price for your autographed book may even double if the buyers are very eager enough to have the treasure (book) in the hand."

Your self/vanity pubbed book will almost certainly be a POD paperback. It probably won't have been edited to a professional standard, and if the majority of such books I've come across on the internet are anything to go by it probably wouldn't have stood much chance of being picked up by a commercial publisher.  If its original price was $21 no-one in their right mind is going to pay MORE for it. And...'treasure'? We're not talking about Shakespeare's First Folio, despite the similarity between the Bard's style and that of ParaDon's founder (and I don't mean Richard Egland).


Another classic from Celina: how writers can get round email providers' anti-spamming controls:

"How to Advertise your book to 2,000+ recipients a day.

As we all know, Gmail is the most commonly used free email domain in the world, and the only one that allow its account holders to send 500 free emails per hour / day. Yahoo, AOL, HotMail and MSN only allow you to send 100 emails per hour & 500 per day. This is very important to remember when you begin your email marketing, because if you go over the sending limits your account may get restricted.

In order to take to take full advantage of Gmail's vulnerability, you will want to send out over 400 emails a day to those individual readers who may get excited about your published book(s)."

*unethical explanation snipped*

Incredible.  This was also published on Abayomi's Goodreads page but was taken down after I registered a complaint.


Dissatisfied Customers

In early September 2015 I noticed that Cory Y Standby, a member of Indie Writers Support, had posted three increasingly angry messages on the IWS site concerning Judd Miller's failure to refund the $250 Standby had paid him in March for services that never materialized.  All three messages were deleted by Abayomi, and at my suggestion Mr Standby reported Miller/Abayomi to the police in Great Falls.  In Cory's own words:

"I am a new independent author who had my first book independently published in March 2015. I therefore have been looking at all means of publicity, and was attracted to the site -http://indiewritersupport.com - where I paid $250.00 online (through paypal) in late march 2015 to join the Bestsellers Programme advertised. Despite repeatedly chasing, and receiving all sorts of apologies and reassurance from 'Judd Miller' (who I am now told is not a real person but simply an alias for someone else who cons s gullible authors - Korede Abayomi), none of the advertised services have been provided. I have therefore repeatedly demanded back my money, but have faced silence.


The Bestsellers Programme appears to be the same thing as Elite Membership:

"To become an Elite Member of the Independent Writers Support Organization you must make the initial payment fee of $250 for the first year installation. Only after then will you enjoy the full work of our promotion staffs.

To fully support the dreams of all writers, we have integrated an automated system that can take care of every writer’s need during their book developing and promotion stage. Through our many software and website applications, our professional staff members can now develop more attractive book covers for authors, send out book releases to a mass of news outlets, publish article reviews about books onto many well-known websites, and make your (the author’s) nearly famous outlets even more famous. In the nine months since we started Indie Writers Support, we have published over 400 articles from well-known authors, collected over 150 book-trailers, garnered over 4,000,000 profile views, and attracted more than 2,100 active members. We expect these numbers to quadruple within the next six months.

Independent Writers Support has collaborated with many authors, and we (the staff) do so on the regular. We have raised a few authors to the New York Times best sellers list, and helped hundreds more achieve their publishing dreams, whether through book-cover creations, eBook conversions, sales & reviews, social media postings, book-signing arrangements, or book-store marketing.


The New York Times bestsellers list, forsooth!  This, if true, would be a remarkable achievement.   What a pity IWS didn't provide us with the names of these authors.  And which books has IWS managed to get into bookstores, if that's what they mean by "book-store marketing"?

I also came across other references to Abayomi's dodgy dealings:

"There's one thing that worries me about a publishing company...when you can't click on it and come right to their homepage, the editors, info on how to publish with them, the history, the books by them, or the contact info etc.  ParaDon books has no info.  You have to keep logging in with a huge section blocking the pages.  I paid through PayPal to get a book review and never heard from them??  Albert Sequeira


All of Abayomi's literary enterprises require members to provide their email addresses, which he then uses to make lists he sells back to authors so they can spam one another with details of their books.

"I suddenly started getting emails from [Amazon Book Clubs] and sent them an inquiry (thinking they were Amazon) and BAM! next thing I knew, there was a charge on my PayPal account!  K S Brooks


"I dealt with these fools (Judd Miller) when they first started. At the time their services were much different. I paid for a service (100.00) which was suppose to be posting on various sites etc about my new release (2012 – Reflection) on two separate occasions. They claimed they did it the first time and I fought to get the second one done. No clue if they ever did it the first time. It got to the point that I threatened to sue and demanded my money back. Of course I never received anything back and simply gave up. They used to run a website too. Not sure they still do or not. I removed myself from anything having to do with them. BEWARE! I still get emails from Judd Miller (yesterday) asking me to join a web site.

Kim Cresswell


"New authors are falling prey to Publicity Trolls who promise the world: for a ‘reasonable sum of money,’ and very little work on the author’s part, your book will be the splash of the social media universe for 7 days – there is usually a guarantee of 500,000 views or hits, too.

Sounds too good to be true – it is.

Don’t get sucked in.  Most of these sites utilize spamming and only do email blasts to those addresses they’ve compiled of other authors who have fallen for their gimmick.  If you take 5 minutes to look up their URL with the key word “fraud,” you’ll be surprised at what you find.

Recently on LinkedIn I came across a blog posting mentioning the promotional site indiewritersupport.compromising the world to new writers.  I dug deeper and learned about this site’s history with Paradon Books and the promotional expert Korebe Abayomi.  This sent up a red-flag for me immediately – I had been burned by Korebe/Korede before when he used “Amazon Book Club” as his borrowed platform for collecting your hard-earned $100 with the promise of sending out author info to all the book clubs associated withAmazon.com/ca.  He even promised a report with links after the 7 day blitz… that never happened.


"On eNovel Authors at Work I’m doing a series on promoters. I test and vet. Indie Author’s Support is one I tested. I bought a 30 day membership, but after I blogged that my membership did not give me access, my membership was voided. Also that he was selling a 20,000 name Reader’s Digest subscriber list. Where did he get that? He lures authors by charging only $1 to put a book on the site. I didn’t name the site in the blog, but I warned all of eNovel members away. Paypal needs to drop him. You might consider sending the info to Paypal. That would shut off his cash flow. Or maybe not. He accepts credit cards, too. That is scary.

Jackie Weger : https://davidgaughran.wordpress.com/2016/01/13/the-one-where-an-author-steals-text-from-my-book-to-sell-pirated-software/

And from the IWS site itself:

"At 10:43am on April 11, 2014, Jennifer FitzGerald said…

I ordered a list from an email you sent me and I haven't received anything. When I sent a message to the email on your paypal account it bounced out. Would be nice to have this resolved."

"At 1:30pm on May 4, 2014, Tim Bryant said…

Help! Before the new management, I signed on for one of the services. This included submitting a write up. It was supposed to go out to the search engines so to get hits on my book(s). However I haven't heard anything from anyone with iws about this or anything else. I was just wanting to make sure my monies weren't wasted. Thanks for addressing this, folks. I hope to hear back from you soon! Tim Bryant. 'Just A Somg Before I Go'. [email protected]"

"At 12:59am on June 3, 2015, Richard McCartney said…
CAUTION:I saw a piece of advise on how to improve your Amazon’s search relevancy. A common error I see is to combine your preferred keyword (or search-word) with the url of your book on Amazon. This trick looks clever because it means Amazon will rank your book more highly if it sees people going to your Amazon book page with that keyword. It sounds great, but beware! My A/B tests show that it can actually degrade your ranking on that keyword. Why? Well, it seems that if Amazon detects a lot of people going to your book page with that keyword but NOT buying, then it will not consider your book to be too relevant for that keyword. So Amazon only ranks your book highly for that keyword or search-word only if it sees sales being made out of it. When you think about it, that makes sense."  (A reminder that Miller/Abayomi isn't as internet-savvy as he seems to think.)

"At 5:53pm on October 1, 2015, Clare Dargin said…

Hi I just recently signed up for one of your promotions regarding reaching over 20,000 readers and I have yet to receive the promotion or a form to fill out regarding which book I'd like to promote.  Will you please contact me?"


Gentle reader, if you've lost money to any of Abayomi's schemes don't let him get away with it.  Get in touch with the following:

The Federal Trade Commission


Montana Office of Consumer Protection


Great Falls Police Department


Better Business Bureau




After I reported ParaDon to the BBB and Abayomi failed to respond to their enquiries, ParaDon was given an F rating.

My complaint as it appears on the BBB website:

"ParaDon Books Publishing claims to be a large, well-funded business in Great Falls founded by 'newspaper mogul' ******* ******. A photograph purporting to show the imposing glass facade of ParaDon's HQ appears on several websites. The reality is that ParaDon is nothing more than a PO Box number in Great Falls, there is no such person as ******* ******, and the photo is an 'insert your name here' fake.ParaDon's owner and, so far, only published author is ****** *******, aka ****** *****, **** ******, ***** **** and ****** *** *****. He's also the owner of Amazon Book Clubs, recently shut down by Amazon because of its (deliberately) confusing name, and Indie Writers Support, a writer's group based on the false premise that sending a huge number of spam emails will generate book sales. Several members of IWS have accused ******* of not providibg services for which he was paid.The claims made by ParaDon are so absurd they're laughable, but sadly there are plenty of novice writers so desperate to be published they may well fall for them...A few years ago ******* was claiming to be a graduate of Stanford University - and by an amazing coincidence so was '****** *****'. It should be obvious from his poor English that he is not qualified to evaluate or edit manuscripts, although I suspect that ParaDon will accept everything submitted to them and make money by selling books back to the authors.

Desired Settlement: ******* is lying about the size, ownership and professional capability of ParaDon Books Publishing. There is no physical HQ in Great Falls or anywhere else, and no team of qualified editors and illustrators. He should stop making these ridiculous claims."

The BBB's response:

"On October 29, 2015, BBB contacted Paradon Books Publishing regarding their advertising and business location. BBB had contacted the City of Great Falls, MT and confirmed there is no business licensing for this company and the company is not located at the address advertised.  Montana Secretary of State reports the company is owned by Korede Abayomi and is located at the same address as the Royal Motel in Great Falls, MT.  BBB contacted the Royal Motel regarding this business and they could not give BBB any further information...

Therefore, BBB asked Paradon Books Publishing to provide BBB with substantiation for their business location and services provided based on the following claims on their website and press release:

The numbered statements below are actual quotes from their press release and websites.

1. Co-founded by Richard England, a newspaper mogul
2. Located in the Big Sky area of Montana, this company's infrastructure is surrounded by two stretched blocks of industrial installations, and a main office edifice.

3. I have a fine team of qualified editors, the best cover graphic artists in the industry, a world-wide distributing channel, great promotion service, and we offer advance payment and high royalty pays to our authors.
4.  Once a manuscript pass our reading test and is accepted by us, the material will be quickly edited by one of our professionals and then converted into an eBook and audiobook. The title will then be made available through ALL of our eBook distributing channels, Kindle, Nook, Kobo, iPad, iPhone, Podcast, etc., for a regulatory period of six months.
5. When asked if ParaDon Books charge reading or publishing fee, the publisher declined, and stated that ParaDon Books do not charge fees of any kind to their authors except for payroll taxes.
6. ParaDon Books Publishing is a privately-owned establishment, with distribution deals that reach all over the globe. 
7. ParaDon Books have a fine team of qualified editors, the best book cover graphic artists in the industry, affordable book prices, great stories, great promotions, world-wide distribution, high-royalty pay, and publishes books in all six formats (Hardcover, paperback, e-Book, Mp3 Downloads, CD and Audiotape).  
8. We offer high royalty pay. 
9. We'll assign you your very own editor, to collaborate with.
10. We'll design a stunning book cover for your title. 
11. We'll send out PR newsletter to all our email subscribers/followers/friends and connections about your title once it is published. 
12. We will distribute your title to all of the available e-Book webstores. 
13. Your paperback title will be available nation-wide, including Amazon and Barnes&Noble. 
14. We will promote your book on Google Search, Yahoo, Bing and every other search engine databases on a regular bases.
15. We will promote your book (as a coupon printout with your book cover) at Walgreens, Walmart, Target, Food4Less, Albertson, etc.
16. We will schedule you for book-signing appearances (if you are up to it) on a regular bases. 
17. We will convert your title to an audio-book, and make it available at all audio-book webstores. 
18. You will be regularly mentioned on our social media websites.  
19. We will design a full-length book trailer for your title. 
20. We will assign you a permanent phone number with an extension number to our public office line, so that we, and your customers, can contact you about business matters. 
21. We will give you 500 business cards to advertise yourself. 
22. We will issue you your own customizable debit card so you can receive your royalty payments via wire transfers. 
23. We will even give you your own customizable email address (YourFirst&LastName)@paradonbooks.com 

On November 13, 2015, An administrator for Pardon Books Publishing responded to BBB with the following statements. First, he stated he was an "administrator for the company, not an owner."  Furthermore, he had been in business for five years and every service has been provided. He referenced his website,  www.indiewritersupport.com where he said "BBB would see that they provide free services, and at least 5 to 20 new people join their exciting website everyday. No harm."  In addition, he said this would be the only response he would provide.  Therefore, BBB did not receive any of the requested substantiation for their business location, practices or advertising claims.


The "administrator" could only have been Abayomi himself - there is no reason to believe that Celina Marka, Bolade Omo Niaja and Faspoken Ase are real people, let alone ParaDon employees.  Abayomi registered the ParaDon website, is the only author published by the company since its inception in 2011 and refers to himself on his Twitter account as the creator of ParaDon Books.  Who else could possibly be the company's owner other than the mythical Richard Egland?

It's interesting that when Abayomi set up ParaDon's PO Box in Great Falls back in 2011 he gave the address of the run-down Royal Motel ("I have stayed in a lot of dives over the years, but this one takes the cake" - Tripadvisor review).  Mind you, I can understand why anyone hoping to rake in $25 'reading fees' from trusting writers might not want to give his home address.


Let Your Fingers Do The Walking

Back in September 2015 I couldn't resist adding a 1-star review to ParaDon's Yellow Pages entry:

"Paradon claims to be a large, well-funded company founded by newspaper mogul Richard Egland and based in Great Falls. They don't provide a street address but a photo showing the imposing glass facade of Paradon's headquarters can be seen on several websites. Paradon is in fact owned by Korede Abayomi, aka Judd Miller and Celina Marka. There is no such person as Richard Egland, the photo is a fake and the only person published by Paradon is Abayomi himself.


When I realised that I'd forgotten to mention Abayomi's other alias, Bolade Omo Niaja, and was unable to edit my review, I just knew that Niaja would eventually turn up to defend ParaDon's honour.  Six weeks later along came 'Bolade N.' with a 5-star review (since deleted):

"Great publishing company. Highly recommended. The best publisher of ebooks. ParaDon Books is in Great Falls Montana. A start up company started by a group of programmers and developers."

Oh, what a tangled web we weave...Mr Niaja/Abayomi, I thought ParaDon was founded by newspaper mogul Richard Egland?  And would that group of programmers and developers be your company www.webdvloper.com, whose name you removed from ParaDon's website when I made the connection between you and "the future of publishing"?


Another odd press release...and two phoney 'partnerships'

In early November 2015 ParaDon issued another strangely-worded and misleading press release:

"Apart from signing with Vearsa - to distribute our digital books to eBook channels, Libraries, eReaders, SmartPhones, Tablets, PC or Mac - ParaDon Books Publishing have also decided to partner with BookBub.com, to announce our new and discounted eBooks to their millions of subscribers, via emails and web posting. [This partnership came as a complete surprise to BookBub when I asked them about it.]

A full, signed agreement must be committed between us and an author in order for us to publish their manuscripts. ['Committed'?]

We have also secured over three hundred independent bookstores all around the United States, that would shelf our books once they are in print in the summer of next year, 2016."

I'm willing to bet that the only independent bookstores willing to 'shelf' ParaDon books will be the ones within easy travelling distance of ParaDon authors who successfully beg the manager to take a few copies - which they bought themselves - on consignment. And bear in mind that ParaDon's advances are based on the number of e-books and audiobooks sold, which raises the possibility that few or no books will actually be printed. So how will ParaDon make money? My best guess is by getting authors to pay for marketing gimmicks and software.

"Our official active website is due to launch in the middle of December, and would be openly acceptable to individual accounts, including affilates, authors, and the generals; so that our authors could check their earnings, our book-sellers could check their commissions, and our readers could keep track of their shopping carts".

Shouldn't your website have been operational long before now?  It's the end of December 2015 and ParaDon's website still isn't up and running.

"We offer our authors a payment rate of 50% royalty or less, non-binding, until signed.

*is totally confused*

Indie Writers Support also announced that they had partnered with Cold Coffee Press, who would design author websites for IWS members.  Cold Coffee Press begged to differ:

"Warning Regarding The Indie Writers Support Website. http://indiewritersupport.com

This is a blast to all Cold Coffee Cafe/Press Authors.

We take security very serious and warn our authors against any fraud.

Indie Writers Support falsely name Cold Coffee Press/Cold Coffee Cafe as part of their group. This is false, we only had an author's page on their website to advertise our book reviews. We have never had any other associated with this website or their creators.

We have removed our Cold Coffee page and all our authors' pages that our name on them from their website. Please report to us any thing suspicious from them, especially if they use our Cold Coffee Press brand in any way...

We like so many of you had an author's page on Indie Writer's Support website. We used our author's page to post our authors book reviews through our page RSS feed. We have deleted our author's page at Indie Writer's Support and will not use this website as a promotional avenue in the future. We have deleted all our authors pages that had on name listed on them. We do not want to expose our authors to any potential online fraud. They have many programs where they ask for money through credit and debit cards. We (Cold Coffee Press) only use Pay Pal which is completely secure for all our promotional package transactions. 

If you have an author's page on the Indie Writer's Support website, it is completely up to you if you wish to keep your page. Just be very careful if you purchase something from their site.

Please be very careful when buying goods and services from the Indie Writers Support Website or any website that you do not trust completely. I always say research, research and research some more when shopping online for anything. Authors are sometimes more at risk because we tend to be very trusting people.

Please come post your comments once I post the discussion.

Theodocia McLean
Owner of Cold Coffee Press/Cafe


More ParaDon offshoots

Abayomi is the proud owner of two more book-based businesses, Readers Books (http://www.readersbooks.info/) and Worlds Bestselling Books (http://www.worldsbestsellingbooks.com/).  They offer the same products and services as Indie Writers Support, which we'll look at in detail later.  Readers Books ("READERS! WRITERS! REVIEWERS! COLLIDE!") is described, rather charmingly, as "a book depository website".  

Book depositories - not just for Texas.


Four Years of Failure

It's been four years since ParaDon was founded.  In all that time the company has published only two books, both by Korede Abayomi (Artis Reed is a pen name).  The Oracle's dismal Amazon ranking - 9,443,626 - suggests that Abayomi can't sell his own books, let alone anyone else's.  The 419 Caper isn't available on Amazon but there are a couple of editorial reviews on the Barnes and Noble site, which gives the book's publication date as 9/4/2012:

"I.W.S - Celina Marka

The full book, which will be publish soon, exploits the 419 code to a level never exploited before, and explains why the Nigerian 419 code is now much stronger the Sicilian mafia codes.
A must-read.

Celina Marka
This book exploit the 419 code to a level never exploited before, and explains why the Nigerian 419 code is now much stronger the Sicilian mafia codes.
It's a must-read.

Modest as always, Korede!

Another review by one 'BolickSalter927':

"All of us know about the Nigerian scams, particularly the infamous 419 code. Well I have unearth a complete story exploiting the ripoffs, and this e book could probably set lots of mischievous Nigerian scammers out of do the job and save the U.S the annually 50 % a billion bucks needed around the 419 investigations. What is this e-book? The 419 Caper, composed by Artis Reed. Though the story is fictional, the premise to this tale is promising being the toughest hardboiled fiction of its form.

This book exploit the 419 code to some amount under no circumstances exploited previously, and explains why the Nigerian 419 code is now considerably much better the Sicilian mafia codes.

The author to this ebook is no stranger into the guidelines himself, and he is a Nigerian mastermind that has perfected his composing ability and grammatically expose all kinds from the scams to their complete extent.
When this book is an FBI vs a Nigerian Kingpin story, the tempo along with the gradual plots in the novel absolutely expose the core formations of the Nigeria frauds as opposed to in no way in advance of, and in an extremely graphical strategy for producing.

Right here could be the premise towards the 419 Caper:

San Francisco Police undercover detective officer James White is a committed lawman man of twelve several years. He is the top undercover detective San Francisco has ever had, but when supplied the chance to consider out essentially the most infamous kingpin on the earth and make himself instant thousands and thousands, James would not wait. With Taye (the kingpin) now useless, all incriminating evidence prospects to James as being the killer. The only challenge is, how can anyone demonstrate his guilt, and whos good good enough to reveal his deep familiarity with the Nigerian criminal enterprise (the 419 scams) that experienced by now ripped america of The us of billions of pounds?

Any person can go through a cost-free preview of this e-book listed here, http://tinyurl.com/953whup
This e book can be obtained for down load on Kindle and Nook retail outlet.



Words fail me...just as they failed BolickSalter927.


ParaDon Books...coming soon (again)

Every now and then ParaDon claims that a list of their authors will be published in a couple of months.  It never is.  The press release quoted above states that ParaDon titles will be in the shops next summer, which is odd since we already know that ParaDon doesn't intend to print books (or pay advances) unless eBook and audiobook sales are strong.  More evidence that Abayomi can't keep track of his own lies!

But what's this?

"We are happy to announce that our first set of publications are set for this month of December. However, we are still accepting submissions, from self-published and unpublished writers.

We have signed some very notable writers in the last few weeks, and still looking to build our catalog. You no longer need to be self-published. Let ParaDon Books do the works for you.

For those self-published authors reading this newsletter who have received our publishing offer, and has not yet responded, we need you to respond back as soon as possible so that we may include your book titles in our first circulations. Our team is ready for you.


ParaDon also offers 'library displacements'.

Wait a minute.  If ParaDon's first titles are due any minute now (I'm writing this in December 2015) where is the pre-release publicity?  Why isn't ParaDon's website operational and full of information about these books and their authors?  Why is Celina Marka, supposedly the company's acquisitions editor, wasting her time writing nonsensical articles about the virtues of self-publishing? Shouldn't ParaDon's moribund FaceBook and Twitter be hives of activity?





The biter bit?

A recent member of Indie Writers Support caught my eye.  On 3rd December 2015 Jay Rocket of San Francisco posted what looked like a spun article (note the substitution of 'sort' for 'type' in the main body of the article) entitled 'Fast Typing Tips':

"I had been attempting to enhance my velocity for a considerable length of time and I was not seeing much change. When I backed off and began being more exact as opposed to attempting to sort quicker I began seeing an increment in my writing velocity. I feel more in control also. Regardless I have an approach to go for my own objective yet am satisfied to see that I am presently enhancing and unwinding more...

For new typists: Practice. Write, write as much as you can. Take some essay help service and write.


It was followed by more in the same painful-to-read vein.  Miller/Abayomi passed it off as his own work on his Goodreads page:


Who is Jay Rocket?  Google searches for his name and photo turned up more oddities, such as these:

"Main Guitar Tips

When you first begin playing guitar harmonies, now and then they don't sound like much. Regularly you get maybe a couple strings to sound and the rest is all simply the purposeless sound of a pick clicking against the strings without any notes turning out. That is typical at first. The absence of sound is for the most part about your worrying hand at this time, so we should take a gander at a couple of the most well-known obstacles.

"Get enough sleep!
Something like this for our teachers on Skype looks sleepy student. :-) Enough sleep - it is not only health, but also a prerequisite of good assimilation of new knowledge. As if this is not outraged by the so-called Owl, but at night the brain needs to rest, relax long enough though, as experts say, at least 8 hours. So forget about the habit of sitting with a cup of coffee Vkontakte and red eyes until 2 AM and then at 7 am to hate all living things and inanimate objects for the "dark, gloomy morning." By the way, the morning is best absorbed the information, so if you can, choose a morning English lessons. Owls, to you it is also true! 

He's all over the place!  Has the spam-happy Abayomi been spammed by a spambot?


ParaDon on Fiverr

Bear in mind that, when asked, Abayomi denies being the founder/owner of ParaDon Books - he claims to be merely an administrator.  In which case it seem odd that in June 2012 'paradon' joined Fiverr and described himself thusly:

"I am a computer guru, and I spend at least 15 hours a day doing online announcements & promotions for various companies, artists, and independent salesmen. 

I am also one of the creators of Indie Writers Support (google it), a website that's drawing over 2,000 visits a day. Let me be your promoter.


His involvement with Fiverr was brief.  It fizzled out after twelve people in a row reported a "cancelled order, failed to deliver on time".


'Enticing' Book Trailers

From an email sent to members of Indie Writers Support on 2nd January 2016:

"Let us Create your enticing Book Video Trailer

Brought to you by the Indie Writers Support network,
in collaboration with LssTlk Film Productions.

This is a new wave of book video production for every writer willing to own their own copyrighted book trailers, for advertisements or event showings. The Author may even upload the file into their sale's channels (website, Facebook etc) and video media like Youtube, Vimeo etc.

The video productions done by LssTlk are always clean, awesome and very believable.

Listed below are links to couple of our samples;

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1f0zdJL3Q_Q "

By an an amazing coincidence LssTlk.com is owned by Abayomi's half-brother Tifase Somadhi.  The company's website was created from a template that uses stock photos to represent staff members 'John Smith', 'Martin Doe' and 'Pam Wehinger', which explains why these three people apparently work for dozens of companies.


Let's have a look at Lsstlk's two book trailers (neither of which bother to mention the author's name in the title).  Exhibit A: Diary of a Hip-Hop Publicist by Lynn Hobson.  This 'Ebook promotional video' actually depicts the paperback edition of the book, which retails at $19.99 for a whopping 456 pages.  It's unfortunate that the video gives the impression that the book is riddled with errors and printed in SCREAMING CAPITAL LETTERS:

Exhibit B: LUCK, "the ultimate 70 page stress management guide" by Sohma Somadhi.  According to Amazon, LUCK is in fact a 28-page pamphlet self-published in 1975 by Mr Somadhi, who is Tifase Somadhi's father and Abayomi's stepfather.  The video features this ringing endorsement:

"Our Family Decreased Stress by 40% Thanks To This Book! - Laura Kahn"

Wait a minute - what the heck is a thousandarie? I was baffled by this until I realised that it's probably a typo for thousandaire:

"One whose wealth is estimated at a thousand (as of dollars or pounds). Being a thousandaire is having the attitude of a millionaire; with a touch of bling.


Video trailers for books by unknown authors are notoriously ineffective.  When they're as poorly made as these two examples by LssTlk they're utterly useless.


Hold on to your hats...

...because according to their Tweet of 10th January 2016 "ParaDon Books will launch in two weeks".  We have been warned!  And there's something rather odd about ParaDon's Twitter account, which was set up in October 2011:

285 Tweets

4,998 Following



Over twelve thousand followers and only two likes?  I call shenanigans.


Plagiarism and Piracy

On 12th January 2016 author David Gaughran was astonished to discover that a sizeable chunk of his book Let's Get Visible had been used without his permission to promote KDSPY, formerly known as Kindle Spy, a software he'd never even used.  The dastardly deed came to light when a reader of David's blog received an email from...yes, you've guessed it - Indie Writers Support.  The email gave the impression that David's book had endorsed KDSPY, which wasn't even on the market when it was published.

David engaged Abayomi in a Twitter conversation, hoping to trap him into making a damaging confession.  Needless to say, Abayomi fell for it:


WARNING1: a site called @IndieWriterSupp appears to be sending emails with text lifted from one of my books rewritten to endorse a product.


What book are you referring to?  We don't even know who you are.


The "articles" with your Kindle Spy emails were ripped from my book Let's Get Visible.  Which would be copyrighted.


The article was copied from an online article that I read and passed along to our authors...perhaps you should sue google.


FYI: I already have your six aliases, real name and address, and info on two arrest warrants out for you.  Keep talking.


Six alias?  Wow.

You should be grateful for the free exposure.  Everything on google is liable to public sharing.


But wait...there's more!

"There was then a bit.ly link to purchase KDSPY, which suspiciously went direct to a PayPal purchase page rather than the site of KDSPY, followed by another call-to-action asking people to visit IndieWriterSupport.com – the same domain as the one which had sent the email.


Was it possible that Abayomi was a Kindle Spy associate and therefore entitled to sell their software via IWS?

No!  The software was pirated, and Kindle Spy's team were already on to Abayomi before David got in touch with them.


I See Your True Colours (and that's why I don't love you)

This is what happened when Victoria Strauss of the highly-regarded blog Writer Beware mentioned Abayomi's software piracy and plagiarism:


I think Mr Abayomi has just summed himself up in a few words.


Indie Writers Support - What Do You Get For Your Money?

Let's press the Services button and see what's on offer.

"IndieWriterSupport.com is an open platform for all to post, review , and meet new friends. But to get your book featured on this website, your book will have to be reviewed by our board- members. 

"In order for any independent author to make it to the best-sellers list, he or she will need at least one professionally written review of the published book. And nothing is more pleasing to an author than he or she reading the published reviews of their readers." 

WRONG.  In order to make it to the best-seller lists - the real best-seller lists, not an Amazon 'novels about eighteenth-century Welsh taxidermists' type of best-seller list - an author, independent or otherwise, needs 

a) a well-written book, and 
b) distribution.  

If your book isn't readily available potential readers won't be able to buy it.  A rave review, even one written by someone with name recognition, is useless unless copies of your book are already in bookstores or can be quickly dispatched by Amazon and other online retailers.  This automatically rules out most POD (Print on Demand) books.  And there's a huge difference between a professionally written review and those written by readers.

"Do you know that a succinct review of your book can boost your book-sales dramatically? In fact, that very review could be the reason you make it to the best-sellers' list." 

See above.

"Our board-members (of dignified book reviewers) would love to learn about you and your book, and then publish what they've learn about you and your book onto many websites."

I'd hate to have my book reviewed by an undignified reviewer!

"Our developers at Indie-Writers-Support have compute an ingenious website-layout (usable for every available books) that will soon become the futuristic themes for every publishing authors.  Words alone cannot explain our innovative idea, you would just have to check it out yourself."

You know, if you learned to use words properly you might be able to  explain your innovative idea yourself.

"Below are sample Author's Pages made on worldsbestsellingbooks.com for your viewing pleasure.  Desktop viewing is highly recommended as suppose to smart phone viewing."


Both books have such poor Amazon ratings they're not much of an advertisement for IWS's services.

"Are you not excited?"

Is anyone else having a Gladiator flashback?

"We look forward to building you the most innovative website for your published book and give it the notoriety it deserves."


Spamming is at the heart of Abayomi's little literary empire.  He's happy to send thousands upon thousands of emails to bookstores, reviewers and potential readers whose emails he's harvested from the people who join his websites (the only way to do so is by providing your email), and he wants to sell lists of email addresses to writers so they can do the same.

"Your published title is guaranteed to sell and receive more reviews."

No it isn't.  If your book is poorly written, unedited and unleashed upon the world by a vanity press nobody except your mother and best friend will want to read it.  All the spam in the world won't sell a bad book, and a good book won't sell unless it has distribution and real publicity.

"By the end of the first month or two, your name and your book title will be well known on the Internet. And within a few months, you will find articles everywhere online about you and your book. Your title will become a ubiquitous presence on the net! 500,000 book views is what we guarantee you for this service for one year."

Utter nonsense.  The vast majority of books, particularly self/vanity published books, fall into instant obscurity on the internet.  Having your name and book title on the internet and expecting it to sell is like having your name in the phone book and expecting thousands of total strangers to give you a call.  Sending out tons of spam won't help you.

"We hope that you are willing to take this poignant and cost-effective chance with your published book."


We are then treated to a list of software packages that can be bought elsewhere, and

"... a list of 40,000 book readers whom you may introduce your books to."

If you feel like spamming 40,000 people Abayomi has already told you how to circumvent your email provider's anti-spamming controls.  And if you purchase his Email Marketing Software he'll throw in 

"...a running list of 20,000 Goodreads email addresses (extracted using this same software) that you can use to promote yourself and books info."

The next offer sounds unethical and probably illegal - Facebook advertising:

"With the secret revealed by AnyAudience, and the combined skills gathered from KdXray, we can now effectively advertise any book to at least 100,000 active Facebook users (members of Amazon Book ClubsReviewers RoundupBooks, Books and more BooksFREE Ebooks -- Reviews & Promotion etc) for as low as $50. Guaranteed downloads and sales. Even Facebook's advertising rate can not match what we are offering you, and that's because we know how to crack and greatly deduce their advertising rates. If you are a long follower of our network, Indie Writers Support, then you will know that we have cracked few other codes of Facebook, and other networks, FOR THE GREATER GOOD OF INDIE WRITERS."

I deduce that Facebook won't share Abayomi's pleasure in his own altruism.

The next software package is particularly interesting as I suspect it may be pirated:

"KD Software for Published Writers"

KD Suite is represented by screencaps and it you try to purchase it you're taken to PayPal, not the software's manufacturers.  I'm looking into this at the moment. 

Finally - lists of emails harvested from Facebook, Barnes and Noble, Amazon and LinkedIn.  THOUSANDS OF THEM.  What will happen when the owners of these email addresses are inundated with spam from people trying to sell their books?  They'll delete said emails without reading them.


More Wanton Cruelty to the English Language

An email from Indie Writers Support, sent on 19th January 2016:

"Happy Holiday from Indie Writers Support. 

ParaDon Books is now accepting submissions. You may learn more about this revolutionary company via these articles;

We have a full list of who that have signed, and I must tell you, that are very exciting. You would be reading about them shortly.

You may read these articles to learn about us;





http://bit.ly/1In2wmi, and http://bit.ly/1XHO1nL. "

Read it again and weep for the sake of any naive writers who have entrusted their work to Abayomi's editorial skills:

"We have a full list of who that have signed, and I must tell you, that are very exciting. You would be reading about them shortly."

ParaDon is indeed a revolutionary company.  I can't think of a single other publisher that was founded by an imaginary press tycoon, has a staff of one, has published two books in four years and has an F rating from the Better Business Bureau.


STILL Coming Soon!

According to ParaDon their website would be up and running in mid-November.  Nothing happened.  They told us that their first books would be released in December.  Nothing happened.  But wait - do I hear a Tweet?

*cups ear*

Don't get too excited.  The day before the big launch IWS sent out a 'Special Annoouncement':

"Start making money selling ParaDon Books.

Join ParaDon Books Publishing affiliate program and start earning money for every sale you send their way! Simply create your account, place your linking code into your website or social medias, and watch your bank account balance grow as your referred visitors become book readers.

How Does it Work?

The process is very simple:

1. Visitor clicks on an affiliate link on your site or in an email.

2. The visitors IP is logged and a cookie is placed in their browser for tracking purposes.

3. The visitor browses the book website you recommended, and may decide to order.

4. If the visitor orders, the order will be registered as a sale for you, and you will receive the 50% commission for every sale.

You would need to create a PayPal account in order to receive your commission payouts. To do this, go to www.paypal.me

Already an Affiliate?

Please visit the Affiliate Login page and enter your username and password to gain access to your account statistics, banners, linking code.

ParaDon Books Publishing first set of publications are due out on February 1st, 2016. Every affiliate would be notified of the releases via emails.

(888) 623-3129

Apply for the Affiliate program at, http://paradonbooks.com/.../wp-affiliate.../affiliates/login.php.

Good luck."

Good luck indeed, because anyone who publishes with ParaDon will need it.  We already know that ParaDon can't provide any publicity worthy of the name, now they've just admitted that they can't provide real marketing either.  And nothing would induce me to use Paypal.me with any of Abayomi's businesses:



I Can Hear Music...Stolen Music

Korede Abayomi, who likes to think of himself as "one of the top net-workers in the world" and an all-round internet guru, thinks that "everything on Google is liable to public sharing".  He evidently thinks the same about YouTube.  Thanks to AbsoluteWrite member EltonDiva for pointing out that the music used in this promotional video for ParaDon is Cinematic Beats and Strings by Caspar Kedros:


I'm sure Mr Kedros would have no objection to his music being used, without payment, to promote a dodgy amateur publishing company.


ParaDon has an Affiliate!

A blogger who shall remain nameless recently made an important announcement:

"Affiliate announcement: ParaDon Books set to release their new authors

I’m always on the search for new publishers and news of new authors being launched, in an attempt to assist aspiring writers in discovering them too. In my latest research, I’ve come across a new publisher that is set to launch their new list of Authors during Feb 2016. Not only are they preparing to release their new books, but ParaDon is inviting authors of any genre to submit their work to them and try the new publishing philosophy that seems to be taking the world by storm, and changing the face of traditional publishing."

Oh, dear.  Where to start?  There is a wealth of information on the internet about ParaDon Books dating back to Abayomi's highly entertaining performance on AbsoluteWrite back in 2011.  FIVE YEARS AGO.  What kind of research could have missed this?  What "new publishing philosophy" does ParaDon espouse?

"ParaDon is taking this paradigm shift by storm and already has a number of authors ready to be released. After months of preparation, the next two months will see new literature hit the market, and as one of their author affiliates, expect me to introduce you and [redacted] to them."

The only thing ParaDon is taking by storm is the credulity of people who can't or won't do the bare minimum of REAL research.  Nothing on this website was particularly difficult to discover for the simple reason that Abayomi is a comically inept small-time scammer, not a criminal mastermind.

The blogger has now apologised for his error, for which I thank him.  It doesn't pay to be too trusting, and the margins of the publishing world are infested with scammers and incompetent amateurs. You would be amazed at what you can find out in a ten-minute Google search.


IWS Drama

When Cory Y Standby posted three critical messages on the Indie Writers Support forum last September they were removed within hours. Yet over the past couple of days (I'm writing this on 31st January 2016) two IWS members have posted about their inability to contact Miller/Abayomi about his failure to provide services for which they'd paid.  Their  messages are still there.  What is Abayomi playing at?  I took advantage of his mysterious absence to join the site under a false name and post the URL of this website.  Now another unhappy IWS member has come forward!  PayPal will soon be getting more complaints about Abayomi, so let's hope they decide to shut down his account.  

In the meantime, dare we hope that Abayomi is too busy to censor the IWS forum because he's helping the police with their enquiries, as we say in England? 

Sadly, no.  When I visited IWS this morning (1st February 2016) I wasn't particularly surprised to find that every critical post had been deleted and that my membership had been suspended. How fortunate that I'd already taken these screencaps:


The police in Great Falls, Montana, have issued THREE warrants against Korede Abayomi - on the 2nd November 2015, 28th December 2015 and 4th January 2016.  No further information has as yet been made available to me, but... 

Watch this space!

And if you're reading this, Mr Abayomi, feel free to provide:

ParaDon's street address in Great Falls
Evidence that Richard Egland and Celina Marka are real people